Forster Chase Ventures is a highly differentiated, market-leading ventures business that partners with founders to grow highly profitable & valuable businesses. Our main differentiator is the deployment of experienced CEOs as lead consultants.

As part of the wider Forster Chase Group (including executive search and all M&A solutions), we will provide a long-term partnership, including as shareholders, to clients throughout their life cycle

We work closely with business owners who have successfully and courageously set up their own company to identify growth solutions and chart a map of success with them. To assist you in your journey, we will bring the expertise, contacts, funding and key people talent to provide all the growth solutions you could need. We can be involved right at the beginning from start-up structuring to ultimate sale of the business, including (but not limited to):
Our Ventures business is enhanced by the other businesses within the Forster Chase group – Forster Chase Executive Search, Forster Chase Corporate Finance and Forster Chase Interim. We are an agile, entrepreneurial, creative and results-focussed group of businesses that is backed and led by genuine industry leaders. Through our Search and Corporate Finance divisions we can provide access to the best people in the market, to sources of capital, to other companies for partnerships and/or distribution plus a whole host more besides.

We have been through the start-up and high-growth phase ourselves and taken many clients through it and have therefore developed an exclusive club approach with this in mind whereby we work with a select number of early stage ventures and provide the ongoing advisory service as a collective while giving access to capital and people. This helps keep the costs down to a minimum. We have also come to agreement with many companies to work with an equity reward instead of, or in lieu of, cash. This ensures we are continually invested in the business from early stage to sale under one group.


Unlike other business incubators or venture partners, we have a panel of extremely successful entrepreneurs and CEOs with a plethora of experience. When you work with us, you will be assigned one of the panel members to work with and they will both advise you on any specific processes such as fundraising, management buy-in and also become a board member.

Please see our profiles below of the panel members and other individuals who will be involved in supporting you and your growth.


From our own experience, we believe that success in business requires three things: the right strategy, capital and talent. As such we have put together an all-encompassing one-stop shop where businesses can be nurtured and fostered towards full maturity.
The type of businesses we would be keen to work with are similar to ours – agile, entrepreneurial and with a management team that is open to strategic advice from experienced industry C level executives and non-executives.
We also tend to work with capital intensive businesses within the Financial Services and Tech industries, particularly Insuretech, Fintech, Medtech and SAAS.

We believe we offer an unrivalled service because of both our extensive network and reach as well as our in-depth specialisms combined with decades of experience. Choosing Forster Chase as your business start-up partner means you can be assured that you will have the best talent available working on your behalf every time. We work across the UK, Europe, Asia and Australasia.

​Typically we work with companies who have a minimum of around £1-10m revenue pa. Although we are sector agnostic we tend to focus on: Technology including Software, Fintech, Insurtech; Consumer Products or Services; Business Services and Financial Services.

Additional Criteria:
  • Companies must be capable of achieving ARR of £1m within a 2-year timescale.
  • Scalable growth potential sufficient increase in valuation.
  • Dynamic management, sufficiently self-aware to be receptive to advice, change and improved governance.
  • A business that will become integral to their customer’s well-being.

Please note that due to the number of submissions we receive we are only able to respond to you if you have met our criteria and we believe there is a good fit to our investment strategy.

Thank you very much!​

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Nick Watts

Chairman, Forster Chase Ventures & Management Committee

Eleanor McEvoy

Panel Member - Serial Entrepreneur & Dragon

Peter Chambers

Panel Member - Chairman, Intoware

Andrew Darfoor

Panel Member - Former CEO Alexander Forbes, Sunlife and Old Mutual

Jeremy Lewis

Panel Member - Former CEO, Universe Group Plc

Chris Grove

Founding Partner

Leo Meggitt

Founding Partner

Esther Grove

Director of Research and Delivery

Alex Bradshaw

Project Manager