When the defecation hits the oscillation…………

History shows us that great leaders’ step into the spray and get covered in it.   Pankhurst, Gandhi, Mandela, Zelenskyy. Such leaders are defined by their sacrifice and deficit of personal gain.  Currently the proverbial slurry is being sprayed in industrial quantities and we have a complete vacuum of Leadership in the UK when one ignores soundbites and selfies. Since the outgoing faux buffoon first among equals has taken his knowledge of the classics on holiday and the replicants are on a populist road show replaying the hit one liners from the 80s no one is SHOUTING ICEBEEEEERG!!!.......

Alas I fear that history will not be kind to the diverse list of leadership mediocrity in Messrs Truss, Sunak and Starmer. As we head into a second “winter of discontent”, (google it if you are under 45) and the energy price cap per KWH has gone up another 80%, 3x what it was last year, the business community will need to step in to fill the void as a collective. You must put your own oxygen mask on first before you help others but for those strong enough to weather the storm, we must seek out ways to support others less fortunate than ourselves. Energy suppliers are predicting 50% of Customers will be in fuel poverty, further exacerbating the poverty premium.

Charity begins at home, so pay your team more when you can afford to do so, they will be more productive if less worried about the bills. Let them work flexible hours so they can take advantage of off-peak travel, let them work from home to save travel costs if their role allows this. Big business, especially energy producers need to voluntarily offer significant help for consumers and small businesses before and, in addition to, whatever Government help may come when our current party in charge stops rearranging deck chairs and gets back on the bridge.
If you or your business is able, what are you going to do to help? 

I’m asking myself the same question.

Mark Beacom, Managing Partner